This instruction page will not attempt to teach you the intricacies of GearSwap. Rather, it will act as a template to get you started. This is a very rudimentary guide.

Getting Started

  • Install GearSwap by launching Windower and turning on GearSwap in the Addons tab.
  • Install Notepad++ if you don't already have it.

Preparing the Script

  • Launch Notepadd++ and create a new file. Name it as the job you want, with file type as Lua Source File (example: blm.lua)
  • Save the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower4\addons\GearSwap\data\
  • Whenever you change jobs, GearSwap will automatically load the correct file.
  • In your script, add the following code:
function get_sets()
    mote_include_version = 2

function init_gear_sets()
--your codes goes here
  • You will place all of your equipment sets between function init_gear_sets() and end

Codes to know

sets.idle will equip gear when you're not engaged and doing nothing. example:

sets.idle = {main="Terra Staff",body="Royal Cloak"}

sets.resting will equip gear when you're in the resting/healing state. example:

sets.resting = {main="Chatoyant Staff",body="Mahatma Hpl."}

sets.precast will equip gear right before casting the spell or ability. Useful in activating fastcast traits in certain gear. The example below will equip a grip with fastcast trait before casting the spell Flare:

sets.precast.['Flare'] = {sub="Vivid strap +1"}

sets.midcast will equip gear right before casting the spell or ability, but after set.precast (if any). The example below will equip gear appropriate for the spell Freeze:

sets.midcast.['Freeze'] = {main="Aquilo's Staff",sub="Ice Grip"}

sets.aftercast will equip gear after the spell or ability goes off. Useful for returning to default gear while engaged with an enemy. example:

sets.aftercast = {body="Royal Cloak"}

Example Script

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower4\addons\GearSwap\data\blm.lua

function get_sets()
    mote_include_version = 2

function init_gear_sets()

    sets.idle = {main="Capricorn Staff",
        head="Walahra Turban",
        body="Dalmatica +1",
        feet="Herald's Gaiters"}

    sets.resting = {main="Chatoyant Staff",sub="Staff Strap",ammo="Hedgehog Bomb",
        head="Cobra Hat",neck="Beak Necklace +1",ear1="Rapture Earring",ear2="Antivenom Earring",
        body="Mahatma Hpl.",hands="Genie Gages",ring1="Celestial Ring",ring2="Celestial Ring",
        back="Invigorating Cape",waist="Hierarch Belt",legs="Mahatma Slops",feet="Arborist Nails"}

    sets.precast.['Flare'] = {sub="Vivid strap +1"}

    sets.midcast['Flare'] = {main="Vulcan's Staff",sub="Fire Grip",ammo="Hedgehog Bomb",
        head="Demon Helm +1",neck="Caract Choker",ear1="Moldavite Earring",ear2="Crapaud Earring",
        body="Genie Weskit",hands="Genie Manillas",ring1="Snow Ring",ring2="Snow Ring",
        back="Hecate's Cape",waist="Witch Sash",legs="Mahatma Slops",feet="Mahant Sandals"}



So far, we can equip gear based on a particular action. But this would be tedious if you want to write out every spell. With spellmapping, you can assign a shortcut so, for example, any Fire spell will activate To do this, open:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower4\addons\GearSwap\libs\Mote-Mappings.lua

Under spellmaps create your own shortcuts. For example:

['Fire']='Fire',['Fire II']='Fire',['Fire III']='Fire',['Fire IV']='Fire',['Flare']='Fire',

Now when you cast any of the five fire spells listed above, it will equip the gear based on