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Here's my SCH Yush file. It's basically an array that maps keystrokes to Windower commands. Most of them are straightforward. I've only played SCH as a healer so far, so I haven't got any keybinds for Dark Arts abilities.

The lines that has input //gs c A+ is passing that string 'A+' to the self_command() function inside my SCH GearSwap file. So when I hit Alt+[, it toggles me between Light and Dark Arts.

If you're wondering how come I can do /ma Regen4 instead of /ma "Regen II", it's because I'm using another add-on called Shortcuts. Highly recommended, especially for support jobs.

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return {
     ['Ctrl+1'] = 'input /map',
     ['Ctrl+2'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+3'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+4'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+5'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+6'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+7'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+8'] = 'input /ja Accession',
     ['Ctrl+9'] = 'input /ja Manifestation',
     ['Ctrl+0'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+k'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+['] = '',
     ['Alt+1']  = 'input /p <call21> Spotted >>> <t>',
     ['Alt+2']  = 'input /target <bt>',
     ['Alt+3']  = 'input /ma "Cure III" <stal>',
     ['Alt+4']  = 'input /ma "Cure IV" <stal>',
     ['Alt+5']  = '',
     ['Alt+6']  = '',
     ['Alt+7']  = '',
     ['Alt+8']  = 'input /ja Sublimation <me>',
     ['Alt+9']  = 'input /ma Stoneskin <me>',
     ['Alt+0']  = 'input /ma Blink <me>',
     ['Alt+k']  = '',
     ['Alt+[']  = 'input //gs c A+'