Supernova FFXI Wiki

Here's my THF/nin Yush file. It's basically an array that maps keystrokes to Windower commands.

The lines that have input //gs c {some text} are passing that text to the self_command function inside my GearSwap file.

When I hit Ctrl+4, it's passing the string 'SAWS' to self_command, which uses Sneak Attack then performs my weapon skill of choice. Ctrl+5 does the same with Trick Attack + WS. Ctrl+0 uses both Sneak and Trick before WS.

Ctrl+9 toggles my character between evasion and TP stances, so that if I accidentally pull hate during a fight I can evasion tank until it turns away. Then I hit Ctrl+9 again to resume normal TPing.

Ctrl+[ toggles my character's TH4 on and off.

Alt+4 uses my chosen weapon skill.

Alt+[ cycles through several weapon skills. Whichever one I select using this keystroke will be used in all the WS actions mentioned above.

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return {
     ['Ctrl+1'] = 'input /map',
     ['Ctrl+2'] = 'input /ma "Utsusemi: Ichi" <me>',
     ['Ctrl+3'] = 'input /ma "Utsusemi: Ni" <me>',
     ['Ctrl+4'] = 'input //gs c SAWS',
     ['Ctrl+5'] = 'input //gs c TAWS',
     ['Ctrl+6'] = 'input /ja "Sneak Attack" <me>',
     ['Ctrl+7'] = 'input /ja "Trick Attack" <me>',
     ['Ctrl+8'] = 'input /ja Steal <t>',
     ['Ctrl+9'] = 'input //gs c EVA',
     ['Ctrl+0'] = 'input //gs c SATAWS',
     ['Ctrl+k'] = '',
     ['Ctrl+['] = 'input //gs c TH',
     ['Alt+1']  = 'input /p <call21> Spotted >>> <t>',
     ['Alt+2']  = 'input /target <bt>',
     ['Alt+3']  = 'input /ra <t>',
     ['Alt+4']  = 'input //gs c WS',
     ['Alt+5']  = 'input /ja "Assassin\'s Charge" <me>',
     ['Alt+6']  = '',
     ['Alt+7']  = 'input /ja Accomplice <stal>',
     ['Alt+8']  = 'input /ja Hide <me>',
     ['Alt+9']  = 'input /ja Flee <me>',
     ['Alt+0']  = '',
     ['Alt+k']  = '',
     ['Alt+[']  = 'input //gs c W+'